CSSOR supports both graduate and undergraduate research in sociocultural aspects of sport, physical activity, and physical culture. The following students currently engage in research projects within the CSSOR.

Brent Brayshaw

Brent Brayshaw
Kinesiology Graduate Student (1yr)

Focus: Gerokinesiology, emphasis on Motor Control & Learning
Secondary Focus: Philosophy of Sport

Related Research Areas: Philosophy of Play, Aesthetics in Sport, Martial Arts in Society and Sport, Tai Chi Chuan
Currently working with Dr. Gleaves on “Play and the Seven States of Being”

Cami Croteau

Nicholas Hardy

Tanya Jones

Tanya Jones

My areas of interest are in history and philosophy of sport, specifically in Olympic studies and international sport, nationalism/patriotism vs. internationalism, and the use of propaganda through sport.



Gerry Rapelo

Paulina Rodriguez

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