Coordinator for Research and Grants—John Gleaves, PhD.

John Gleaves

Dr. John Gleaves, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton with a research focus on ethical and historical issues relating to performance-enhancing drugs in sports. His research traditionally takes a cross-disciplinary approach, combining evidence-based and empirical information within traditional social sciences and humanities-based methodology. Dr. Gleaves has published numerous articles on doping and drug use in top peer-reviewed journals including most recently in The International Journal for the History of Sport and in The Journal of Sport History. He has authored several book chapters and essays on doping and has been invited to deliver keynote addresses based on his growing research portfolio.  He is currently the co-director of the International Network of Humanistic Doping Research (INHDR), an associate editor for the journal Performance Enhancement and Health, and serves as Conference Chair on the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (IAPS) Executive Committee.  Dr. Gleaves has been recognized for his professional achievements as both an educator and researcher.  He is currently co-authoring a book on Olympic Amateurism due to be published in spring 2015.

Coordinator for Curriculum and Student Development—Matthew Llewellyn, PhD.

Matthew Llewellyn

Dr. Matt Llewellyn, Ph.D. was born in Cardiff, South Wales, United Kingdom, and has been actively involved in sport and physical activity throughout his life. After completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, Matthew enrolled at the California State University, Long Beach where he pursued a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology. He earned a Ph.D. in the Historical and Philosophical Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity at the Pennsylvania State University. Matt has successfully published over 25 papers in refereed journals including the Journal of Sport History, Contemporary British History, Sport in History, and the International Journal of the History of Sport, as well as numerous textbook chapters. He is the author of “Rule Britannia: Nationalism, Identity and the Modern Olympic Games” (Routledge Press, 2012). Matt is also an energetic member of the professional academic community in both sports history and Kinesiology. He currently serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Sport History and has given numerous papers at academic conferences throughout North America and Europe.  Matt is a father of two young boys and a life-long supporter of Liverpool Football Club

Coordinator for Conferences and Community Outreach—Toby Rider, PhD.

Toby Rider

Dr. Toby C. Rider was born and raised in East Sussex, England.  He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham and his Master’s degree at the University of Brighton.  He followed this by completing a Ph.D. in the sociocultural study of sport and exercise at The University of Western Ontario in London, Canada.  Throughout his career in higher education, Toby has mainly focused his studies on the historical and political role of sport in the Cold War era.  His latest work focuses on the U.S. government’s use of sport as a tool of statecraft and he is currently developing a book on this subject.  Toby has published multiple articles in peer reviewed journals, contributed several chapters to scholarly books, and presented his research at numerous conferences.  In addition to this, he serves on the editorial board of Olympika, he is the book review editor for the Sport History Review, and the Director of Policy and Procedure Portfolios for the North American Society for Sport History.   


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