Toby Rider
Toby Rider, PhD
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Dr. Toby C. Rider was born and raised in East Sussex, England.  He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham and his Master’s degree at the University of Brighton.  He followed this by completing a Ph.D. in the sociocultural study of sport and exercise at The University of Western Ontario in London, Canada.  Throughout his career in higher education, Toby has mainly focused his studies on the historical and political role of sport in the Cold War era.  His latest work focuses on the U.S. government’s use of sport as a tool of statecraft and he is currently developing a book on this subject.  Toby has published multiple articles in peer reviewed journals, contributed several chapters to scholarly books, and presented his research at numerous conferences.  In addition to this, he serves on the editorial board of Olympika, he is the book review editor for the Sport History Review, and the Director of Policy and Procedure Portfolios for the North American Society for Sport History.   

Book Chapter:
Rider, Toby C. “The Cold War Activities of the Hungarian National Sports Federation,” in The Inauguration of Organized Political Warfare: Cold War Organizations Sponsored by the National Committee for a Free Europe/Free Europe Committee, edited by Katalin Kádár Lynn, 515-546. Saint Helena, CA: Helena History Press, 2013.

Rider, Toby C.  “Filling the Information Gap: Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty and the Politics of Accreditation at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.” International Journal of the History of Sport 32, no. 1 (2015): 37-52.

Rider, Toby C. & Teetzel, Sarah.  “The Strange Tale of Stella Walsh’s Olympic Eligibility,” in Intersections and Intersectionalities in Olympic and Paralympic Studies, edited by Janice Forsyth, Christine O’Bonsawin, & Michael Heine, 18-23. London, Ontario: International Centre for Olympic Studies, 2014.

Rider, Toby C.  “Eastern Europe’s Unwanted: Exiled Athletes and the Olympic Games, 1948-1964.” Journal of Sport History 40, no. 3 (2013): 435-453.

Rider, Toby C.  “Political Warfare in Helsinki: American Covert Strategy and the Union of Free Eastern European Sportsmen.” International Journal of the History of Sport 30, no.13 (2013): 1493-1507.


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