Magdalena Mankowska
Magdalena Mankowska, PhD
Instructor of Kinesiology

I am Dr. Magdalena Mankowska, the part-time faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology at CSUF and CSUN. I have a PhD in science of physical culture (is considered as kinesiology in US) from University of Physical Education in Poland. I have studied physical culture in Poland, Greece and Denmark. As a faculty member at CSUF and CSUN, I plan to continue my research on the relationship between the pedagogical values of Olympic Games, cultural integration throughout movement and aesthetics aspects in modern physical education program.

I specialize in Olympic education related to physical education at school and the integration between subjects at school and physical education.  During my doctoral degree, I used a cross–disciplinary approach to translate educational ideals embedded in Olympism (which combines holistic view of sport, character development, and liberal arts with physical education) into curriculum strategies. The result is a new perspective that has practical applicability to modern physical education programs. I have also researched methods for including traditional and ethnic sport into curriculum as a way to increase cultural awareness and tolerance of differences.

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