Graham McFee, PhD
Instructor of Philosophy

Graham McFee is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy from the University of Brighton, UK; and works in the Philosophy Department at Cal State Fullerton.

His academic interests range widely in philosophy, to include both the philosophy of sport and the aesthetics of dance (where his 2011 book The Philosophical Aesthetics of Dance was awarded the Selma Jean Cohen prize by the American Society for Aesthetics). Although he regards those interests as strictly bounded by philosophy, they do extend to a scholarly interest in the ideas of Pierre de Coubertin, since determining the precise content of de Coubertin’s ideas is a necessary prelude to evaluating them.

Publications since 2015-2012.

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Also forthcoming: [2015] How to do Philosophy: A Wittgensteinian Reading of Wittgenstein. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press

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