Dustin Abnet, PhD
Assistant Professor of American Studies

A Professor in the American Studies Department, Dustin Abnet teaches and researches on the histories of work and leisure, material and popular culture, and science and technology. While his interest in sports initially stemmed from his interest in leisure, he has come to see that the history of sport in America is really emblematic of some of the most important long-term transformations in three of his major areas of interest: the power relations of American society, the growth and expansion of industrial capitalism, and American identities and ideals.  As part of his interests, he teaches two courses that examine the cultural history of sports in America.  The first, “American Culture through Spectator Sports” uses the history of baseball, football, basketball, and boxing to examine larger issues of identity, economic development, and gender, race, and class relations.  Beginning Fall 2015 he will teach a course entitled “Gaming and American Culture” that will explore the histories of athletic, board/parlor, and video games in America from the Puritans to the present.  While his current book project explores the history of robots in American culture, Professor Abnet is currently devising a second project that examines the history of gaming (athletic, board, and video) in America from the start of the Cold War to the present.


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