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CSSOR provides support and resources for CSUF’s Greece Study Abroad. An annual summer event, The Greece Study abroad is a unique opportunity for CSUF students in the Health and Human Development’s Department of Kinesiology. Annually, over 25 kinesiology students travel with two CSUF faculty to Greece as they study the history and philosophy of the Olympic Games as well as the cultural origins of sport and physical activity. Both CSUF undergraduate and graduate students can earn university credit while studying sport and physical activity in Greece. Students visit Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Nemea, Corinth, and Nafplio with CSUF faculty and stay at the International Olympic Academy. The study abroad usually takes place during the first two weeks of June. Interested students apply for the program in November and are selected before the Spring semester. Due to large amounts of interest and limited space, enrollment in the study abroad is competitive. Courses offered while in Greece include:

KNES 481: The Sociocultural Study of the Olympic Games
KNES 381: History of Sport Games and Culture
KNES 380: Philosophy of Human Movement

If you are a CSUF kinesiology student and interested in participating in the Greece Study Abroad, please contact Dr. Matthew Llewellyn for more information:

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Traveling to foreign cultures has the power to transform individuals and the way one sees the world. By adding in curriculum related to a student’s major to travel, students engage in learning that goes, both figuratively and literally, way beyond the classroom. In this case, students discuss philosophy in the shadow of the same Agora in Athens where philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle debated philosophy 2,500 years ago. They will study the history of the Olympic Games under the olive groves of Olympia amidst the ruins of the ancient Stadium of Olympia that dates to before 700 BCE. For Kinesiology students, traveling and studying in the birthplace of their field with fellow majors builds pride in their profession and a sense of mission that links their current professional ambitions with a tradition that dates back more than two millennia. On top of this, it is a special opportunity to interact with fellow Titan students and faculty as they live together, sharing meals and engaging in some recreational physical activity after hours at the International Olympic Academy. The program’s holistic approach to higher education—learning, travel, and community—in this study abroad course is unique to Cal State Fullerton, as this is a course specifically designed by CSUF faculty and staff to suit its kinesiology majors.

Helping Titans Study Abroad in Greece

International knowledge and cross-cultural communication skills are critical in today’s interconnected, global society. Your donation can help underrepresented kinesiology students broaden their understanding of the world and cultures around them through a transformative experience overseas in Greece.

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