About Us

The Center for Sociocultural Sport and Olympic Research (CSSOR) mission is to promote education and research concerning sport and the Olympic Games in their broadest cultural, social and political dimensions. CSSOR’s goals include cross-disciplinary research on issues related to sport.

The Center for Sociocultural Sport and Olympic Research has been recognized as an International Olympic Studies Centre by both the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Studies Centre and the United States Olympic Committee for its quality and commitment to research and academic activities.

The Center for Sociocultural Sport and Olympic Research is committed to diverse, cross-disciplinary research that respects sport’s significance in society. Though often disregarded as trivial pastimes, sport captures the public imagination. Sport’s history reveals a durable and perennial social institution that reveals “a story we tell ourselves about ourselves.”

The center’s members and advisory board include respected researchers from across academia and professionals supporting sociocultural aspects of sport. They represent a range of research interests, positions, and disciplines. There is no requirement that any members or advisory board members share a position or agree on an issue. Their strength is in their diversity and willingness to broadly converse.

The goal of the center is widespread support and sharing of research and education that takes sport seriously and sincerely. By hosting conferences, community events, and supporting curricula on sport, CSSOR hopes to further the public conversation about sport. CSSOR continues to pursue new projects, funding opportunities, and support innovative research.

Given the CSSR’s commitment to sport research, its members have committed themselves to sharing and disseminating their findings. Media requests are gladly entertained as each researcher’s time permits. Members also maintain active publications, and when possible make them available through the CSSOR’s website.

For more information on the CSSOR, please contact one of its center directors: John Gleaves (Coordinator for Research and Grants), Matthew Llewellyn (Coordinator for Curriculum and Student Development, and Toby Rider (Coordinator for Conferences and Community Outreach).

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